Gogoanime: Great Place For Free Online Anime In English

Gogoanime: Great Place For Free Online Anime In English
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There are many anime websites out there on the net, but not many are quite as good as gogoanime. Gogoanime TV, a site which delivers thousands of great anime videos, subs, and dubs, is completely free. It is perhaps one of the most popular anime sites on the net, and there are several reasons why.

One Of the Best Anime Sites On the Net – Here’s Why:

Dubs and Subs

First of all, and of most importance, is the dubbed and subbed nature of the anime. A lot of the anime is dubbed or subbed in English. On entering the gogoanime site, it is easy to detect which are subbed and which are dubbed. Each anime thumbnail or icon is highlighted by the ‘sub’ or ‘dub’ icon. If the anime isn’t subbed or dubbed, it will be deemed as ‘raw’.

At a quick glance on the homepage, you can see that almost all of the anime is subbed in English. If you are, however, searching for dubbed anime only, the gogoanime website has a separate page specifically for dubbed anime. You can find this page quite easily. Just search for the word ‘DUB’ next to the default ‘Recent Release’ page. Within the dubbed section, there are a grand total of 42 pages of dubbed anime on offer, which is one of the largest on the internet. In other words, you are sure to find some great anime, perfectly dubbed in English.

TV Series and Movies

Next on the list of great things to mention about gogoanime, is the fact that it offers both anime TV series and anime movies. With this site, you really get the best of both anime worlds. You can find the anime movies section of the website quite easily. On the homepage, look for the headings (Home, Anime List, New Season, Movies, Popular). Select movies and enter into the wealth of anime films which this site has to offer. If you want to know if a movie is dubbed, this information will be told in parenthesis within the movie title.

There are in total 41 pages of anime movies, which is great and should provide you with whatever anime movie you are searching for. Each movie has a lot of information provided on the site. You will be given a plot summary to read, plus the genre, year released and a status. The status lets you know if the movie is complete or incomplete, in good working condition or not.

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Unlike most sites, gogoanime doesn’t give you any annoying pop-ups. In my own personal experience, I received only one pop-up. If you want to know if you’ll be hassled by pop-ups, gogoanime won’t cause you any problems, I assure you.

The Gogoanime Website’s Appearance and Ease of Use

A big thing to mention is the overall appearance of the site. For me, gogoanime is very attractive, featuring great modern displays. The use of thumbnails and icons is always a positive, for the alternative use of lists and words can make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. In addition, all of the icons are official representations of the TV series or movie. This is both useful and attractive. Also useful is the information given on each and every movie and TV series. If you’re browsing the site in search of a new anime TV series or movie to fall in love with, this site offers all the valuable information you need in which to make a good choice.

The headings open up the website well. In other words, you have good options and interesting areas in which you can find great anime. On offer are new series, movies, and popular anime. Each section is laid-out in the same way, easy to navigate and with plenty to offer. An interesting feature worth mentioning is the Spanish section. If you want to watch anime in Spanish, the option is always there. You can also search for manga, cartoons, drama, and comics, and you can find these more hidden headings just above the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the website.

Become A Gogoanime Member

If you fancy it, you can become a gogoanime member. As a member, you have unlimited access to the website and you can leave comments beneath each anime video. You can also bookmark anime, meaning you can star or favorite your anime. Gogoanime will also notify you when this TV series has any updates. You will furthermore be given more options for watching your anime, such as HD and disable autoplay and more. You will also be notified by the website via email when there are any important updates. At the moment, gogoanime has thousands of members sharing comments on all of the site’s videos. Simply choose a display name and a password, and you’re good to go.

The Player and How Easy It Is To Watch Your Anime

When it comes to actually watching your anime, it’s all quite straight-forward. After finding the anime you want to watch, you will be directed to the page detailing the TV series or movie. Here, you can find the episodes to watch beneath all the information, such as plot etc. Choose your episode. From here, the video player page will open. You may meet a few irritating ads, but these can be removed with just a simple click.

With the player, you can choose your quality, from low to HD. You can choose your video speed and you can also download the video file onto your computer. Beneath the player, you can view all the different servers which offer the same video. If the gogoanime site’s video doesn’t meet your standards, you can simply choose another server.

All in all, gogoanime TV is certainly worth testing if you are in any way a fan of anime.Give it a try today and you could create a lasting love for anime through such a great website. You get free great anime TV series and movies completely free from an easy-to-use website – what more could you ask for!

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