GoodReads Review: Potentially Meet Your Next Favourite Book?

Empowering the mind is important to all, and books have been around for centuries doing just that. Where would the human race be without books? In a better or worse situation? It’s difficult to know for sure, but one thing that’s for sure is that we all need some mental stimulation. Civilizations have been built upon the power of books, religions and wars have been brought about through books. The human imagination has been projected into worlds hitherto unknown thanks to books, so can it really be all that bad? Unfortunately, people don’t read as fervently as they used to. These days, reading for most people seems more of a duty than a favorable hobby. How does one change that? It’s impossible to tell, but worth attempting for the good of humankind. Nevertheless, for those of us who enjoy a good read, there are companions to be gained online.

In this review today, we at Filmbiz would like to introduce the pre-eminent website for bookworms throughout the world. This website is Goodreads, and it is essentially an online community of book lovers. The Goodreads website was launched around 10 years ago, with the intent of giving book lovers a place to go to when in search of valuable opinions on books, or on the contrary, to express their own views on books. With this website, you can review and read up on millions of books. Many thousands (and potentially millions) of people use this site to search for their next read. With so many people rating and commenting on books, you can view and select what’s suitable for you. Furthermore, as we will explain in more depth within this review, you can meet some friends through the love books.

GoodReads Review: Potentially Meet Your Next Favourite Book?

Picture it as a huge online book club. Goodreads is basically just that. It may also come as no surprise that the Amazon company currently own this website. You can do many things with this website (which we are now about to explain further), so if you are a bibliophile like the many other millions of people who use this website, you could find a great literary home with this website. In the following review, we at Filmbiz have delved within the Goodreads website and pulled out all the best characteristics regarding the site, as well as all the important information you need to know in order to get started. Hopefully, you can soon find yourself within this literary heaven with our guidance.

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

Yes and no. First of all, without an account, you are free to visit this site and browse all the information on all the books. For example, you can read the plot summaries, the reviews, and view similar books. Many people do this. On the other hand, with an account, you can a little bit more. By creating an account with Goodreads, which is free, you can become part of the online community and start interacting and contribute to the website. As a member, you can review and rate books, which we will relate to you in more detail below. Essentially, as a member of this website myself, I would recommend signing up if you are a real book lover who plans to use this website long term.

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What Exactly Can I Do On This Site?

There are a few things which are great – granted if you have an account. As aforementioned, having an account or not doesn’t make a grand difference, both options are great. However, with an account, the main feature that you are now granted is the online library. With an account, you can store all the information on all the books you have read. You can also bookmark books that you want to read. Ultimately, over time, you can keep track of everything that you have read, rate these books and review them, mark when you started or finished, and more. Another great feature is that you can follow friends and view what they are reading. To do this, make sure that you have a social media account, like Facebook. With this, if somebody signs up to Goodreads, or rates or comments on a book, you will be notified.

Goodreads will also recommend books similar to those that you have read. You can also partake in polls, view top lists of books, and read news articles on books. One of the things I love to do is view the amazing lists. As a member, you can also create your own literary lists for everyone to view and comment.

Can I Purchase Books Through This Site?

Although a book website, you can not purchase books through Goodreads. You can, however, view a sample of some of the books. Furthermore, if you do want to buy a particular book, and as mentioned before, regarding Amazon’s ownership of the website, you will be directed to Amazon where you can buy the book there. In sum, Goodreads will point you in the right direction with all the great information, but you cannot buy directly from this site.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

As mentioned above, creating an account is completely free. At no point should any of the features on this website cost you money. You cannot purchase books from this website and all the information is free, so feel free to use it.

Can Anybody Use This Site?

Absolutely. Goodreads has no geographical restrictions. As long as you are a lover of books and you have an internet connection, this website is all yours.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

Goodreads is a great online community with millions of users, so you are sure to find a like-minded reader. The website is also very easy to use, so there are many things to get you occupied here.


All things considered, this website should be highly recommended to all lovers of books. So, join today and start partaking in the online literary paradise.

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