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When it comes to booking a place to stay on your travels, hotels don’t always have to be the standard. Hostels are much more affordable and are perfectly designed for backpackers. But that doesn’t mean that they are designed only for backpackers. You could be surprised at the quality that hostels can provide for travelers of all sorts. From 5 star hostels with amazing private rooms perfect for couples to family rooms with many facilities, hostels often receive an unfair image of being a second-rate place only for resting your head. This is not always the case, for you could potentially find some amazing places to stay that make some of the priciest hotels seem less than average. When it comes to booking hostels online, there is one website that everyone will meet. This website is Hostelworld (www.hostelworld.com) and is undoubtedly the most popular website of its kind.

Hostelworld hosts thousands of hostels throughout the world. With this website, you are sure to find a hostel in any corner of the world. Millions of people use this website to book their stays. To refer to the statistics, there are around 33,000 hostels (or “properties”) featured on this site in around 170 countries across the world. Another great thing about this website is the customer reviews, and to throw another statistic your way, there are around 8 million customers reviews featured on this website. So, with so many hostels and opinions on each place, this website gives you both a wide array of options and enough opinions to help you make the best choice. All in all, Hostelworld makes it easy for you to make a good choice on where you stay.

Hostelworld Review: The Leading Site In Hostel Booking


Maybe you are a first time traveller and you have never used this site before, perhaps you’re suspicious of it, or maybe you have another website to help you with your bookings or you are planning on booking a hotel – whatever the case may be, the following review on the Hostelworld website will clear all that up for you. Here, we have drawn out all the best features of the website for you, as well as providing all the necessary information you need to know when using this website. In sum, we hope we can point you in the right direction and solidify some great accommodation for your travels!

Here you can find and book some hotels or places to stay at good prices.

Do I Have To Sign Up For This Site In Order To Use It?

First of all, signing up to this website is very easy and it’s free. Secondly, no, an account is not necessary. On the other hand, if you book a place with this site, you will have to provide information which is much the same as signing up. As for signing up to the site, you can rate and review the places you have stayed in with an account. You can also receive exclusive deals and other information via email.

Things To Bear In Mind When Booking A Hostel With Hostelworld

Please pay attention to check at times and check out times. It’s also important to read the property description. Some hostels may have rules. In short, read all the descriptions on your hostel before you book. Information on the hostel’s cancellation policies is also very important.

Another thing worth mentioning is the deposit. When you book with Hostelworld, you will often place a deposit in your room. This is where the hostel’s cancellation policy is also important, for if you cancel the night before, for example, you may lose your deposit.

How Do I Book A Hostel With This Site?

It’s very simple. Like pretty much any other booking site, use the search bar. This website has some great filter options – sort by price, room type, facilities, rating, type, and method of payment. All hostels have an official rating. These ratings have been gathered over many years of the website’s popular existence, meaning most ratings are the result of many thousand opinions. All you then have to do is select how many beds you want and then pay. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

Are Hostels the Only Form Of Accommodation Featured On This Site?

Despite the name and everything else that makes you think thus, hostels are not the only kind of accommodation on this site. There are also hotels and bed and breakfasts featured on this site. To find these sections of the website, select the menu button (which looks like three horizontal white lines) and a sidebar will appear. Featured on this sidebar is ‘accommodation’, and below it, you will find links to both hotels and bed and breakfasts. Each of these links will give you what is essentially a hotel version or bed and breakfast version of the Hostelworld website. It looks the same and the functions are the same. So, in other words, Hostelworld offers everything in the way of accommodation.

Will Any Services On This Site Cost Me Any Money?

No, there are no hidden fees when using this website. The only thing that will cost you money when using this site is the actual booking.

Sign Up Your Own Property On Hostelworld

If on the other hand, you are not a guest but a property owner, there is no better site to display your place on that with Hostelworld. To begin signing up your property on this site, find the ‘Hostel Sign Up’ link at the bottom of the homepage under About Us. You will need to have an account with Hostelworld in order to enlist your property. Furthermore, it’s free to sign your property up.

Any Special Features On This Site Worth Mentioning?

You will also find great travel related articles on the homepage. Under ‘step up your travel game’, you can gather some inspiration on traveling, as well as hints on the best places to travel to.


All things considered, Hostelworld is the one and only place you truly need when you’re in search of a good hostel for your adventures. It’s also a site which doesn’t take long to get to know, so it may very well become a friend for a long time, provided you keep traveling till your heart’s content!

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