Experience free and awesome anime streaming on kissanime

Experience free and awesome anime streaming on kissanime
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Anime fans, assemble! Are you looking for a great anime site which you haven’t heard of? Searching for the next website to satisfy all your anime needs? Look no further, for KissAnime is without a doubt one of the foremost anime websites on the net. KissAnime is one of a few websites under the ‘Kiss’ name. You may have heard of the KissManga and KissCartoon websites – KissAnime is simply the anime branch of the overall Kiss tree. It delivers huge amounts of anime cartoons, ranging from new favorites to older classics. On top of the this, you can explore the site and dip into all that it has on offer.


All of the many anime cartoons are on offer completely free. There are no hidden fees or secret sign-ups to unhappily endure. Anyone can use KissAnime, so without further ado, the following is a review of all the site has on offer. You will find both positives and negatives, but mainly pros of using this great anime website.

Why Is It One Of the Best Anime Websites?

The Amount of Anime On Offer

As mentioned, the sum of the anime episodes and series to watch on KissAnime is quite large. To find the full list of anime on offer, simply choose the ‘Anime List’ heading on the homepage. From there, you can browse through all the anime alphabetically. You can alternatively sort the huge list by popularity, latest update, new, or upcoming. In total, there are 139 pages of anime series on offer, and each series may have several episodes. In this perspective, there are without a doubt more anime than any one person can watch.

The anime series titles are listed by name, without thumbnail/images. Nonetheless, you can view images from the homepage, but more on this later on the usability and appearance section. Furthermore, while scanning the anime list, you will notice that there is a status of the series completion.¬†The KissAnime website tells you of the latest episode to be uploaded, and if all episodes are available, the status of the series will read ‘completed’.

Usability and Overall Appearance of the Site

At a first glance, this site is quite attractive. The displays are modern and up-to-date, and the links are helpful and open up the site well. The use of thumbnails or icons on the homepage is always a plus. Listing things instead of using images can cause extra effort for users. Using images, however, is not only more attractive, but it displays things much clearer and therefore more effectively. Nobody wants to read through huge lists of words, so the use of images to display the anime is a plus. In addition, the thumbnails are official representations of the anime, meaning the image is taken from the anime it represents. The reason I mention this is because I have seen websites use unrelated images to represent movies or TV series, which has caused confusion and has wasted time.

Keeping with the homepage, the headings are few and they are useful. As mentioned, the ‘Anime List’ heading opens up the complete collection of anime on the site. There is also a ‘Report/Request’ page, in which you can ask for anime which isn’t featured on the site or report anime which is not up to standard. You can also enter the site’s chatroom and begin a conversation with fellow users of the site. The other headings – ‘Cartoon List’, ‘Read Manga’ and ‘Watch Drama’ opens up the other Kiss websites which deal separately with cartoons, manga, and drama.

In addition, on the homepage you will find a useful toolbar which lists ‘new & hot’ anime, ‘recent additions’ and ‘most popular’. Simply scroll down a bit and you will find the descending list of anime, accompanied by a website rating, given by fellow users of the site. All in all, the appearance and usability of KissAnime is quite impressive and shouldn’t cause problems.

Dubs and Subs

If you need subs and dubs for your anime, you have a good chance of finding it here. In order to find out if there are subs or dubs available on an anime, read the title and it will be told in parenthesis. For example, Trickster (sub). I have, in my experience, seen websites which have included sub or dub icons on the movie or series images. This, in my opinion, is more effective and attractive. Nonetheless, it’s not a major downside to having the subs or dubs written within the title. It is, however, a downside not to have a separate page for subbed and/or dubbed anime. KissAnime does not have a specific page or section for dubbed or subbed anime. This could benefit the site, for it would make navigation of the site much easier for its users.

The Video Player and Any Added Features On the Site

When you have chosen or found your anime, you will find that the video player is both attractive and effective. Before this, however, you will have selected a particular episode to watch. On the video player, there is a quality selector, which can give you the option of HD, a server option and player option, in which you can change to flash player if you wish, as well as the ‘light off’ option which will dim your computer’s lights. A nice feature is the toggle option up above, in which, by using the green left and right arrows, you can move onto the next episode or watch the previous one, without having to exit the page.

Are There Any Negatives?

The one major flaw I have discovered about KissAnime is the number of ads. There are no pop-ups, which is good, but there are many ads to be avoided. Besides this, there are no major downsides.

And there you have it, thousands of hours of anime at your fingertips thanks to KissAnime. If you are a fan of this site, try using the other Kiss websites, such as KissManga, KissCartoon, and KissAsian, which I will have also reviewed for you.

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