Kizoa Review: Movie Maker, Photo Editor and More

Photography is currently around almost 200 years old. From the first photograph back in 1822 to the many gadgets we have today, media and artistic imagery have come a long way. In a matter of a few years, almost all of us now have the power to capture our moments with a camera. Smartphones are something which everybody owns, and all smartphones have a fairly decent camera. Thus, we should consider ourselves privileged to have such power which was not available to the photographic geniuses back in the 19th century, who, although the creators of what we now possess, could have thrived had they had possession of our amazing gadgets. It all started back in Paris – and developed in Paris, and today we at Filmbiz are here to introduce another Parisian relation which we feel everybody could benefit from.

Kizoa is a photo and video editing software company based in Paris. With their website, you can easily transform your images and create some great movies with their video maker. Kizoa ( is truly following in the footsteps of their Parisian partners in photography, and with a little encouragement, you can start reaping the benefits that this site has to offer. You can edit pretty much any form of media which you have captured through a camera with Kizoa. There is indeed a wide range of services that this website provides. Furthermore, it’s very easy to use, as we at Filmbiz will now fully relate to you.

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So, if you are interested in creatively transforming your photos or your videos, Kizoa has all the software that you need. The following review of the Kizoa website shall now duly explain how to use all creative aspects of the website, as well as provide all the website information you need in order to get started.

Kizoa Review: Movie Maker, Photo Editor and More

Can Anybody Use This Site?

Kizoa is perfect for all ages. The editing programs provided by this website can be quickly learned, and are therefore perfect for anybody who simply wants to edit and create. Kizoa can be used in classrooms, at work for multimedia projects, and at any time in your own free time at home. To get the full use out of the site you should sign up. Furthermore, please make sure that you have an up-to-date working version of flash player. Without a relevant version of flash player, you won’t be able to use the full services provided by this website.

What Exactly Can This Website Do?

Kizoa rolls all the best media-editing services into one website. With this website, you can:

  • Create collages and slideshows.
  • Edit your photos and store them through the website.
  • Share the created slideshows and collages with friends through online.
  • Paid users can convert their created slideshows into videos, which can then be uploaded online, such as YouTube.
  • Paid users can burn their videos onto DVDs.

This website has three main editing programs. These programs are – the slideshow maker, the image editor, and the collage maker. Each of these programs are very easy to use and offer a whole range of editing tools. Below, we have outlined all the best features of each editing service and explained how you can use them.

How Do I Use Their Services?

Slideshow Maker:

You can either create a slideshow from scratch or choose an existing template. With a template, you can add transitions, effects, backgrounds, and a whole range of other useful features. Choose between the 6 available templates and start getting creative. If you decide to create from scratch, you can still quite easily create the transitions and effects. With the settings tab you can do a lot of the editing, such as transition length and backgorund colours.

Collage Maker:

Just like the slideshow maker, you can create from scratch or use a template. Alternatively, you can choose a magic collage if you are a premium member. 18 of the 100 templates here are free. The collage maker is very simple to use – just add your photos and start editing. Of course, editing will be a bit more difficult if you start from scratch.

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Image Editor:

First, add your photo. Click on ‘My Images’ and upload. Then, you can begin editing. Some of the editing features include: rotation, crop, straighten, colour configuration (brighten, darken, negative, black and white, etc.), add text, paint free hand with brush, pencil, etc, and fix red eye.

How Much Will It All Cost?

It may sound quite expensive for all these editing services. But, it is possible to use this site without spending a penny. The basic account is free. This account will give you 1GB of storage space, as well as the ability to download movies no more than 1 minute in length, and 600p in standard. You can also share it by email, Facebook, and through other platforms.

The other account options beyond the basic account will however cost you money. The next step up from basic, is premium video. Storage space with this option is 10GB, and you can download movies no more than 10 minutes in length in 600p standard.Premium costs $29.99. The next option is premium DVD. Storage space with this account is 100GB and there is no time limit on the movie lengths which you can download. You can also burn these movies onto DVD, as well as other features. Premium DVD account costs $49.99. The ultimate account option is pro. This will give you unlimited storage on the downloaded movies, as well as no time limit, and the standard for the movies is 1080p. The images are in ultra HD and there are more features to contemplate. Pro account costs $99.99.

The good thing about all these accounts is that you only have to pay once, and the membership lasts a lifetime.


All things considered, Kizoa has everything you need if you want to creatively edit whatever you have captured. Whether it’s creating a funny collage for a friend, editing photos for yourself, or making a short video as a birthday gift, Kizoa has it all.

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