LiftMode Review: High Quality Nutritional Health Supplements

Staying healthy is a must for all people, no matter what your interests may be. Luckily in this modern age, we find ourselves in, nutrition, as well as medicine ad science in general, has come a long way. We now have access to many different kinds of supplements and nutrients which were unavailable to us decades ago, perhaps even undiscovered. Fitness and nutrition are now a worldwide concern, and millions of people now choose their foods based on chemical compounds and overall nutritional value, rather than the costs and tastes. With such nutrition, we can now afford to keep our bodies fit and our minds in tune. But where does one find such products? The average shopping street may not hold such highly advanced nutritional products. Thankfully, there are ways to obtain these things online, which we are now to relate to you in this review.

We at Filmbiz would now like to introduce to you LiftMode ( This website specializes in nutrients both for your brain and for your body. Its slogan reads “buy the best brain boosters and dietary supplements”. LiftMode is a side company produced by Synaptent, which is based in Chicago, Illinois. This American company was launched back in 2010 and has since then served thousands of customers with nutritional products of all sorts for all kinds of people. In essence, LiftMode is an online store in which you can easily view and purchase the high-quality nutrients that have been concocted by the company’s nutritional experts. Their website states that most of their products are sourced from plants and other natural sources. Through research and extraction techniques, LiftMode and its team have created some of the most nourishing products.

If you have a certain desire that you want nutritional supplements to fulfill, you can find LiftMode’s products sectioned or grouped according to what they do, side effects, nutritional values, and so forth. So, whether it’s fat burners or supplements for firing up your mind, LiftMode has all that you need. The following review is an in-depth look at all the kinds of things that this website has on offer. If it sounds interesting to you, this review will tell you all you need to know when it comes to using their site.

LiftMode Review: High-Quality Nutritional Health Supplements

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

Having an account with this site is not mandatory. You are free to visit the website as a guest and purchase what you want without signing up. On the other hand, if you would like to sign up and become a regular customer, it’s both free and it makes things easier for you. With an account, you can purchase your items/check out much faster, as well as store multiple shipping addresses, view, track and manage your orders, and more.

Is This Site Of Any Use To Me If I Do Not Reside In the United States?

Despite the company’s location in the United States, you can still buy and receive from LiftMode. This site offers worldwide shipping. International shipping is however not often an easy process for the company, but they nevertheless offer it but will not pay for any additional shipping expenses or lawful customs prices and so forth. In other words, when it comes to international shipping costs, you the buyer are responsible for the fees. Full information on shipping can be found on the ‘Delivery Information’ page. You can find this at the bottom of the website page under the Customer Center.

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What Kinds Of Products Will I Find Here?

The products on sale here are not an array of products from multiple brands. All items are made and produced by LiftMode. You can browse the items by using the website’s headings. These headings, or categories, are the following: calming, energizing, mood-lifting, heath-promoting, and accessories. Each of these headings will display subheadings of specific nutrients or chemicals. Alternatively, if you already have a certain nutrient or supplement in mind, use their search bar.

Are There Any Potential Dangers Or Side Effects?

LiftMode urges you to read all of the given information on all their products. They have listed all the chemicals that are within each of their products and their side effects. Having given all the sufficient information on their products, you are therefore responsible for any potential ill-health caused. But, rest assured, these products are designed by a team of scientific experts.

How Much Will It All Cost?

Items can range from as low as around $5 to $100 dollars or more. However, LiftMode offers free shipping on all US orders. This will shave some digits of the overall price.

Delivery and Shipping Information

As mentioned, there are no shipping restrictions with this company – international shipping is available. Furthermore, just to reiterate, all US orders qualify for free shipping. The website states that they do their utmost best to have your order shipped within 24 hours of purchase. As for the delivery times, it all depends. For residents of the United States, the picture below states the delivery times according to where you are located. As for non-US-orders, there are many different options for shipping, some quick (2-6 days UPS International) and some slow (2-6 weeks USPS International First Class). As for the costs, it again depends.

Refunds and Returns Information

On all purchases, there is a 90-day guarantee refund policy. To initiate a return and the refund, contact the website and issue all the information attached to your item, such as the numbers at the bottom of the jar. The two numbers attached to each container are vital. Without them, you will not receive a refund. As LiftMode is an internet-only site, you will not have to return your item by shipping. However, in the rare event that you may be asked to return the item, the website claims to take responsibility for all the shipping costs.


So, if you need a mental or physical boost, this website has all the goods you need, as well as the vital information, so you know that it’s good.

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