Monstersteel Review: Professional Tattoo and Piercing Supplies

Not all of us are fans of tattoos and piercings, but for those of us who are, it can become a way of life. At its most tame level, a tattoo or a piercing is a mere fashion accessory, or in regards to a tattoo, a tribute to someone or something special to you. At a more heightened level, tattoos and piercings are a constant matter of interest to be perfected. On the other hand, for tattoo artists and piercers it can be more than a job but a passion that brings joy when at work. Thus, a tattooist or a piercer must have the best tools in order to ensure the best job done. Such tools can be hard to find on your average high street, so it’s only natural that many people search online for these kinds of things.

Nevertheless, it can still be difficult to find a reliable website that holds all the best tools and supplements for tattoos and piercings. For those of you in search for the best tattoo and piercing tools, we at Filmbiz would like to introduce to you Monstersteel. This website specializes in all things tattoo and piercing related. It is designed specifically for the artists and piercers themselves, for they know it can be hard to come across these tools. The people at Monstersteel understand that every tattoo and piercing artist needs the best tools to ensure the finest work. From the best inks in a range of colors to the finest piercings of many designs, Monstersteel has it all. This company started out back in 2001 and has since served thousands of tattoo and piercing artists. They also supply people with the finest aftercare products, clothing items, and more.

Monstersteel Review: Professional Tattoo and Piercing Supplies

If you are in the tattoo and piercing industry, you may have already heard of this website. If on the other hand you are newly acquainted with Monstersteel, allow us to now fully introduce you to their official website. You will find a wide range of items that will allow you to perfect tattoos and piercings, as well as other items which will ensure customer satisfaction. The following information is what we at Filmbiz have found after scanning the site, so you know all there is to know when using the site for yourself.

Do I Have To Sign Up To This Site In Order To Use It?

Not necessarily, but it’s best that you do sign up regardless. Without an account, you will have to provide the same information as you would do when signing up. By signing up to the site, you will also receive some nice features. Signing up to the site is free, and by doing so you can receive regular updates on your favorite items and also potentially receive great discounts. You will find the register option at the very top of the homepage.

What Exactly Is On Sale At Monstersteel?

There are five main headings or categories of items on this website. These headings/categories are new items, tattoo, piercing, clothing, and clearance. With exceptions in the new items section and the clearance section, the following is a rundown of what you can find for sale within the tattoo, piercing, and clothing.

Tattoo: Tattoo machines, Tattoo power supplies, Tattoo needles, Tattoo grips and tips, Tattoo ink, Tattoo accessories, Tattoo furniture, medical and cleanroom supplies, and permanent makeup.

Piercing: piercing jewelry lots, navel, tongue, nose, organics, plugs and tunnels, eyebrow, lip, septum, cartilage, nipple, captives and circulars, retailers, medical and cleanroom supplies, needles and tools, books and DVDs, body jewelry displays, and body piercing signs.

Clothing: belt buckles, belt straps, T-shirts, leather bracelets, and stainless steel jewelry.

Within each of these categories, there are much more subcategories. In other words, there are many items here, so you are sure to find something you need.

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Can Anybody Use This Site?

The monstersteel company is based in Florida, United States, but that doesn’t mean that it’s for Americans only. Monstersteel offers international shipping to most countries of the world. If you would like to know more about the shipping costs and times for an international customer, please see the following paragraph. Furthermore, if you would like to know if shipping is available in your country, find the International Shipping page at the bottom of the homepage, and there you will find all the information that you need.

Shipping and Delivery Information

First of all, if you spend more than $200 if will receive free shipping. Also, as mentioned above, this site offers international shipping to most countries. In order to find out how much your shipping will cost, visit the ‘Shipping Fees page’. This is found at the bottom of the homepage. Here you will find a table displaying all the costs depending on the method of shipping and the order weight. On the other hand, alternatively, you can calculate the costs for shipping when purchasing your item.

Returns and Refunds Information

If you are unhappy with your item, you have 30 days to return it and receive your refund. First of all, please contact customer support. Hold onto your shipping receipt until you receive your exchange or refund. To return your product, contact the site for instructions. The following is the return address:

Monster Steel
Returns Department
350 Hiatt Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

The returned product must be in perfect condition. If in the case your product was received broken, you may receive a full refund. In this instance, explain and provide photographic evidence to customer support. Items costing more than $100 must be shipped with insurance. Full information on refunds can be found on the Refunds page, which is found at the bottom of the homepage.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

There is also a piercings size chart. This can be found at the bottom of the homepage.


All things considered, Monstersteel has tattoo and piercing artists covered in all areas. If you are in this line of work, we recommend giving the website a try.

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