MP3Juices Is A Fantastic Free Music Site!


MP3Juices Is A Fantastic Free Music Site!
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Every music lover needs a reliable website that will source their favorite music. We all have a source, whether it’s free online radio or torrents, or perhaps another platform. If you haven’t already got one, or you are in search for a new one, you have come to the right place.

If you need a great website that will deliver your desired music, MP3Juices is one of many, but it is also one of the best. MP3Juices is effectively an online music search engine. It also relies heavily upon YouTube. What I mean, is that most, if not all of the music files provided by MP3Juices are sourced from YouTube. This makes the site effectively a search engine, and not too dissimilar from a radio player. There are online radio platforms, such as Spotify, which allow you to stream your music for free, but MP3Juices goes further.

Not only can you stream your music through this site, but you can also download files and upload and edit your own MP3 files. In addition, there is also the YouTube conversion option. All of this I will now delve into, reviewing all of the ins and outs of the MP3Juice site and how this site could potentially open up your world of free online music.

What Exactly Does Mp3Juices Have To Give …

How Does It Work / How Do I Listen To Music?

The overall premise of retrieving and listening to music through this site is quite simple. On the homepage, you can see the search bar. Here, enter the artist’s name, or song name, or even an album name, and let MP3Juices conduct its search. After a few seconds, you will be given the results to listen to or to download. The results are listed below the search bar, and you can choose to either download or play the results. When choosing ‘play’, the website will open up the YouTube player through the site for you to start listening.



The ‘Cutter’ Option

Besides the YouTube converter and the downloading features, MP3 Juices has another great trick up its technological sleeve. If you have an MP3 file which you really want to download, but it has some weird parts which aren’t supposed to be part of the file, you can cut them off. Using the ‘Cutter’ option through the site, you can upload an MP3 file and start editing out the unwanted audio. For example, if your MP3 file begins with a few seconds of a radio presenter, you can shave those few annoying seconds off, leaving you with a full song without any interruptions. After all the editing is complete, you can then download and happily listen to your now perfect MP3 file.

Downloading Files

If you would like to own the file yourself and store it on your computer or another device, it’s very simple. After conducting the search for your desired music, simply click the ‘download’ option rather than ‘play’. Or, when listening to your music, MP3 Juices will then give you the option to download the MP3 file or download the entire video. All files are sourced from YouTube, meaning you are downloading from a third party client. Furthermore, you are effectively using a YouTube converter or downloader here, which brings me onto my next point.

YouTube Conversion

If you are seeking a song or an artist, perhaps even a music video which is not available on the MP3Juice website, there are ways in which to achieve this. Using the search bar on the homepage, you can paste a link into the search bar and have MP3Juices convert and play the file for you. Following this, you can then choose to download the MP3 files or download the entire video file.

There are many individual YouTube converter websites out there on the net worth using. However, with this website, you get a music search engine, as well as a YouTube converter all under one roof, which is something worth praising.

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Overall Usability and Display of the Site

For a search engine of any kind, simplicity is vital. With MP3Juices you get just that – simplicity, as well as effectiveness. There are no fancy displays or complicated processes, and this is because MP3Juices doesn’t need it in order to be the great site that it is. Everything on this site is laid out well and is easily accessed. There are no superfluous qualities, making navigation of the website as simple as can be. There are 5 different pages to access on this site: Home, Howto, FAQ, Cutter, News. Personally, I believe the site doesn’t need anymore or less. Furthermore, worth a mention, is the fact that there are no irritating ads or pop-ups. All in all, simply search and begin your listening with a few clicks. It’s all very easy, which is important.

Anything Else?

There are some more additions worth mentioning. If you find the website confusion and you need help using it, there is the ‘howto’ page that will¬†tell you all you need to know. There is also the FAQ page which offers additional help. Lastly, there is the news page which you can read if you want to know how the website is progressing. Besides that, the website offers some valuable data information on files, such as bitrate and source. All music files use the titles which are given to them on YouTube. Furthermore, and finally, the video player used on MP3Juices is that of the YouTube player itself.

This concludes the scrutiny of the MP3Juices website. As you may have noticed, there are not many (if any) cons/negatives when using this site. One negative which I’d like to point out now is the fact that the range of results is not so vast. You will certainly find the most popular music, but you may have poor luck when searching for more obscure music. Nonetheless, MP3Juices will definitely deliver good, free music, with a range of options following your search. It’s much more than just a search engine, so give it a try!


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