MUBI Review: Watch Great Cinema and View Lots of Movie Info

Cinema has given us a lot over the past decade or so. From the birth of the projector, the magic of Melies, the introduction of sound and color, to the present Hollywood blockbusters and CGI masterpieces, all of us enjoy a good movie, our lives have been altered by them, and some of us may even pursue the silver screen as a career choice. Indeed, cinema has helped change the world around us. The world is changing at a quicker pace than ever before, and likewise so is cinema. There was once a time when the local cinema was the only place where you could watch movies. Today, the vast majority of people use their computers. Of course, controversial as it is, a lot of lawful piracy and copyright issues have arisen. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that watching movies through a computer, when legal, is easier than a cinema trip.

Computers also come in handy for other movie related things. There are many websites which offer valuable reviews and ratings, as well as plot summaries, news, and more, which will help you decide on what your next movie will be. One such website which is a personal favorite of mine is MUBI ( This website is designed specifically for cinephiles from all walks of the world. With MUBI, you can do a range of things, mostly similar to that of IMDb, only ever so slightly different. In its most simple form, MUBI will help you discover great news movies. There is a ton of great information on millions of movies, which is perfect for anyone with a serious passion for cinema. If this sounds good for you, the following review is the result of a thorough inspection from us at Filmbiz.

MUBI Review: Watch Great Cinema and View Lots of Movie Info

In this review, we have outlined all the best features on the MUBI website, as well as all the information you need to know when using the site itself. If you are a fan of cinema and an avid user of websites like IMDb, the following review and introduction to the great website that is MUBI are a gift courtesy of us at Filmbiz.

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

On the one hand, there is a wealth of information on this website which is free to access. On the other hand, there are movies to watch on this website which requires a subscription. So, whatever route you decide to take with this website, you may or may not have to sign up. You can sign up for free and roam the website. There can only be an advantage, so my advice is to get yourself an account, which is free and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Can I Watch Movies With This Site?

Yes, you can! Unlike similar websites like IMDb, MUBI allows you to take in lots of information on movies and watch them. To watch movies, you can alternatively use the free 30-day trial or pay £5.99 a month for a selection of great movies. Just a word of advice though – the movies are chosen by the people of the website. This may sound unfair, but it does mean on the other hand that you could be introduced to movies which you could never have otherwise discovered. There are movies from all decades of cinematic existence, from all corners of the world featured on this site. So, you could meet a new and wonderful classic thanks to the movie experts at MUBI.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

As mentioned above, subscribing to the website movie plan will cost you £5.99 a month. This is the only thing on the website which will cost you money. The rest of the website – all the glorious information – is for free.

Can Anybody Use This Site?

Absolutely. There are no restrictions here.

What Else Does This Website Offer Besides Watching Movies?

As a user of MUBI myself, I always use this website as a trustworthy point of reference alongside IMDb. In fact, I prefer to visit MUBI instead of IMDb. With MUBI, one of my favorite areas of the site are the movie lists. (If you sign up the other site, you can start your own movie lists too). In the lists section of the site, you will find thousands of lists created by cinema lovers from all over the world. Lists such as the most experimental movies, directors’ favorite movies, movies depicting mental illness…the topics are extensive and are always interesting. Personally, I have found much amazing unheard of movies thanks to these lists.

Besides the lists, each movie has a specific page, neatly laid out, which shows a quick synopsis and other important info. Here you will also find reviews from fellow MUBI users and an overall rating of the movie based on a 5-star rating. If you have a movie in mind, search it on MUBI and read up on the reviews and ratings. There is also a great recommendation or similar movies section on each movie page which will keep you hooked.

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Can I Download Movies From This Site?

No, MUBI is not like some other movie streaming websites. This website offers to stream only, and all streaming activity on this website is completely legal.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

I would advise you try the free trial with MUBI. The hand-picked movies are undoubtedly classics of cinema. And this means world cinema, which you won’t find in the average cinema house. MUBI is indeed a website for cinematic connoisseurs, so with the free trial, you can expect some terrific things. The lists alone are worth using this site, as well as the information, ratings, and reviews on each movie.


So if you in any way possess a passion for cinema, MUBI has thousands (perhaps millions) of movies complete with excellent information, as well as a handful of amazing classics from all over the world. This website may very well open your sight to a whole undiscovered area of cinema.

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