Rotten Tomatoes Review: A Look At the No.1 Site For Cinephiles

It’s hard to escape the influence or the presence of the cinema world. You turn on your TV and you abound with trailers and news about actors. It’s no wonder that the world is in love with cinema, for cinema ultimately gives love back to the world. Lives have been transformed through the influence of the movies, from the birth of Hollywood right to the present day. Many of us are hooked to the charms, thrills, horrors and aesthetic philosophy that the movies has given to us over the past century or so. In this modern age, however, it’s much easier to remain hooked and to suck out all the information on your favorite movies, actors, directors, and so on. The internet has many websites dedicated to the magic of cinema. One particular website which leads the way in cinematic information is Rotten Tomatoes.

Rotten Tomatoes ( is very similar to IMDb. In case you haven’t heard of either website, IMDb is one of the most popular websites in movie information, ratings and review. Next to it stands Rotten Tomatoes, which does much the same thing. In fact, you will often find that when reading a review on a movie, say for example on Wikipedia, you may find an IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes rating or score featured. This is how popular these websites are, and it shows that they have a loud voice in the online movie world. However, keeping our focus on Rotten Tomatoes, there is a vast range of information, reviews and ratings to find here. Many millions of people have used this website as the point of reference for movies. In other words, if you want the lowdown and opinion on a movie, one visit to Rotten Tomatoes should help you make your decision.

Rotten Tomatoes Review: A Look At the No.1 Site For Cinephiles

If you would like to know more about the IMDb website, please feel free to view our review here on Filmbiz. As for now, the attention is solely on Rotten Tomatoes. Many thousands of people have joined this site, and by joining, many of them have provided valuable reviews and ratings. This is prominently what this website is all about – an online movie community rife with movie opinions. The following information is what we at Filmbiz have found when scanning the entire Rotten Tomatoes website. With this information on the best aspects and features, as well as the important stuff when using the site, we hope you can begin happily browsing the site.

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

You don’t have to necessarily sign up. Without an account, you can freely roam this site and take in all the great information. Read the reviews and look at the scores – no account is required. On the other hand, if you create an account with this site, you can become a Rotten Tomatoes critic. This means you can review movies and provide a score, just like the rest of the online community. This is precisely where all the ratings come from, so why not join? It’s free to join this website and should only take a minute of your time to sign up.

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What Can This Site Tell Me?

There are many resourceful things on this website – so much, that it’s too much to place within one paragraph. The following paragraphs are a look at some of the main features on this site:

Ratings On Many Thousands Of Movies…

Of course, the beating heart of this site is the ratings and reviews. All movies come with an overall score, which is a result of the many user ratings on this website. Green means good, red means bad, it couldn’t be more simple.

Movie News

There aren’t many websites that can match the amount of movie news that this website provides. There are columns to help narrow your search, for there is such an abundance of news on all things movie and TV related.

Certified Fresh Picks

Here you will find movies and TV shows which have received more than 75% on their ratings. These movies and TV shows are featured here immediately after they receive more than 80 reviews, meaning that as soon as they are deemed ‘fresh’ (meaning good on this site), they are displayed for all to view.


Find great podcasts on the most popular movies and TV shows. You will find the podcasts section near the bottom of the homepage.

Official Trailers and Other Videos

Importantly official – you will find this section near the bottom of the homepage.

Upcoming Movies and DVDs

Rotten Tomatoes normally has the first scoop on all the latest news with upcoming movies and DVDs.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

No money involved here! Rotten Tomatoes is blissfully free, which is probably why millions of people use it. It shouldn’t cost you money to provide an opinion on a movie, and with this website, it doesn’t.

Can I Watch Movies Or Download With This Site?

If you were hoping that this site was a movie streaming website, you are sadly mistaken. Rotten Tomatoes is reviews, news, and ratings only.

Are There More Than Just Movies Featured On This Site?

Yes! This website isn’t just dedicated to movies, but also to TV shows and indeed all things video-related. You can find ratings and reviews on TV shows, just like you can with movies.

What’s the ‘Tomatometer’?

This is how the website measures the quality of a movie or TV series. More than 60% is ‘fresh’ (good), less than this is ‘rotten’, and ‘certified fresh’ is (as mentioned above) higher than 75%.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

The homepage has many great sections or lists. You will find top box office hits, new episodes tonight, movies opening this week, and much more, all listed nicely accompanied by an official Rotten Tomatoes rating.


All in all, the voice of Rotten Tomatoes is one of the most official and well-recognised voices in movies. A good review from here is a reliable one. So, bookmark it, visit it often, and begin watching good movies from here on out!

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