Signpost: Boosting Small Businesses Through A Great Service

Businesses across the world always need new and better ways to successfully reach out to the consumer. Before the age of the internet, such work was very much a physical task, which required many employees putting in the ground work through many media strategies. While this still certainly exists, it has however changed somewhat. It is no doubt that the internet has changed our world. In particular, the internet has also reshaped business. Companies and entrepreneurs across the world use the internet as a clever marketing tool. The advantages are many, though mainly the ease and speed of work which the internet offers are paramount. Thus, in turn, many websites have been born with the aid of helping businesses get on their feet and get their voice out there online. One such website which we would like to point you towards is Signpost (

For all small time companies seeking to rise amid the fierce online competition, Signpost is here to serve. This company started back in 2010 and has since helped millions of website owners, small companies, entrepreneurs, and essentially business people from all walks of the business world. To simply what they do, Signpost “drives revenue” by reaching out to consumers in the correct and most beneficial ways. With emails, texts and other online communicative forms, Signpost draws in more consumers, which thus boosts revenue and helps get your business on the right track. The software and the brains behind the whole operation are known as ‘Mia’. Mia scans data on a huge number of consumers, contacts them in the best ways, and begins to raise your online business onto a higher level. With Mia on your side, sales are expected to rise by 10% and reviews to gain more stars.

So what exactly can Signpost and its ‘Mia’ do for you? At a cost, which will be unveiled in the pursuing interview, you can receive all the aforementioned perks and business boosts, as well as some other great features. If this sounds interesting for you, the following review will outline all you need to know about Signpost and its services.

Signpost: Boosting Small Businesses Through A Great Service

How Do I Get Started?

From the homepage, you can enter your email and then click ‘get started’. If you are still unsure, you can view the information again from the homepage, or alternatively select ‘product’ on the website’s headings. Once you’ve entered your email, you can then request your demo. Here, you will provide your name, company name, a phone number, and importantly – what you would like to improve your business. You can select improvements in the following: reviews, referrals, new customers, customer feedback, repeat business, web presence, client management, and email marketing. Once all is selected, the Signpost company will directly contact you and begin arranging services.

What Exactly Does This Company and Its Product Do For Me?

So in a nutshell, Mia drives revenue. But there’s more to it than that. Depending on which package you choose (packages are listed below along with prices), you can receive a bunch of service tools. First of all, customized the email campaigns which are sent out to the consumers. You can also track your NPS across all locations, and receive feedback on what is working and what is not. Signpost also allows you to integrate systems whilst using Mia, purchase tracking in order to “close the loop on marketing efforts”, enable widespread text messaging, and also offers great human customer service. Furthermore, each package comes with a range of different services. These services are listed below.

There is also a ‘Resources’ page which lists many other features, such as a missed revenue calculator, infographics, an online evaluation checklist, and much more.

Three Different Packages – How Much Will It All Cost?

When it comes to pricing, there are three different services to choose from. The first is Basic, which costs $167 a month. The next service up from this is Standard, which costs $208 a month. Finally, the third option is Pro, which costs $250 a month. Please note that there is also a ‘$199 set up fee’ on all plans.

Basic option includes CRM and email data collection, improvement in reviews, feedback, and testimonials.

Standard option includes: (all that Basic offers plus) SMS and phone data collection, repeat customer offers, new customer offers, presence management, and referrals.

Pro option includes (all that Basic and Standard offers plus) Dedicated success manager, priority phone and email support, same-day support response, campaign consultation, quarterly business reviews, and strategy sessions.

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Yes, you can terminate the Signpost services at any point. If you would like to end your terms with Signpost, you must contact [email protected] or call (855)602-4900. As for refunds, Signpost does not offer any refund. The website states in their terms of service that the “Merchant [you the user] shall not, in any event, be entitled to any refund of any Fees previously paid to Signpost for services”.

Can I Trust Signpost To Deliver the Standard That They Boast Of?

If you are unsure as to the legitimacy of the Signpost company, try looking at the ‘customer stories’ page. The website states that 7,000 local business, ‘large and small’, are currently using Signpost to connect with customers. Some of these big names are displayed: Remax, Powerhouse Gym, Huntington Learning Center, and TCBY. Besides this, you can view the past customer testimonials. Here, not only are positive words used to reflect Singpost’s advanced work, but also statistics. These statistics state the total number of new customers, repeat customers, feedback responses and customer records created since the company began using Signpost. You can view more statistics if you really want to see how good they are. In sum, Signpost has the proof of their good work displayed for all to see on their website.


All things considered, if your company needs that extra kick, Signpost might just be the very thing you need. Choose a package that suits you, and you could be on your way to more success.

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