Sweetwater: The Largest Online Music Store In the United States

The great Quincy Jones once said that music can be a very important part of your soul and your growth as a human being. Whether this means just listening to music or picking up an instrument and doing it yourself, music encapsulates and elevates the human experience in ways which most other things in life cannot. Furthermore, the great thing is with music, is that it’s never too late to pick up an instrument and start learning. In any major town or city, you are sure to come across a music store. In addition, with the modern age we are now in, the internet is also a great place to find musical equipment. Whether it’s drums, guitar, bass, keyboards or whatever tickles your musical fancy, instruments can be bought and sold down the street or online. Thus, there is always something out there for anybody, no matter what the style.

Here at Filmbiz, we would like to direct your musical attention towards Sweetwater (www.sweetwater.com) – one of the largest and best online music stores. The actual Sweetwater store is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. However, its online website branches beyond the northern American state. The physical store enjoys lots of success due to the great equipment on sale. On the other hand, the Sweetwater company also has a huge storehouse which holds their entire range of products, which is where a lot of their products come from in regards to online buying. Sweetwater has it all; from guitars, pianos and other main instruments, to the latest in technology, such as music software and DJ equipment. Ultimately, whether you are a serious musician or just a beginner in search of a new instrument, Sweetwater has all the materials you need.

So, if you are interested in purchasing a new instrument, a new bit of software or you are just in need of some information regarding products, Sweetwater is the right place to come to. The following review of the official Sweetwater website should display to you all the pros and cons regarding the sale, as well as all the company information and the sweet products.

Sweetwater: The Largest Online Music Store In the United States

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Purchase Something?

No account is needed in order to buy something from this website. However, if you wish to create an account, it’s both free and easy. With a free account, you can view and manage your order history, create and modify wish lists, and save your payment methods for a quick check out the next time you pay. You can find the ‘create an account’ option at the top of the homepage.

Is This Website Of Any Use To Me If I Do Not Reside In the United States?

Due to delivery restrictions, you will not be able to have items shipped to you if do not reside in the United States. Sweetwater only ship to all states of the United States, as well as Puerto Rico, US military base addresses, and places that use the US postal zip code. If you would like to know if you are eligible for shipping, you can contact the website directly and ask on (800)222-4700.

What Exactly Is On Sale Here?

Sweetwater have a wide range of great items for sale. The following is a round-up of most of what they can offer you:

Guitars: Sweetwater offer the best in guitars, both electric and acoustic. Some of the leading brands are on sale here, featuring Gibson, Fender, Taylor, Martin, Ibanez, and much more. You can also find the best in guitar amplifiers, such as Marshall amps and Orange Amps. Of course, there are also bass guitars to be found on Sweetwater, such as Ibanez, Peavey and Fender. In addition, equipment such as pedals, leads, strings and picks can all also be bought from this site.

Pianos: From acoustic grand pianos of Yamaha to synths and beginners keyboards, Sweetwater offers a great selection in pianos.

Equipment: PA systems, microphones, stands, mixing desks and intricate technological items can be found. If you are a DJ, you can find lighting systems, mixers, headphones, and much more.

Other Instruments: Sweetwater also cater for drums – cymbals, hi-hats, bass drums, etc – as well as sticks and other equipment. However, the website does not cater for brass or woodwind instruments. They do nevertheless offer carry bags and other items for such instruments.

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Shipping Information

One of the great things about this website is that they give free shipping. Plus, lightweight items can qualify for speedy shipping. As for delivery times, nothing should take more than a week to arrive. Most items will be delivered within 1 – 5 working days, depending on the method of shipping chosen, or if you choose any additional shipping options. Full shipping information can be found here – www.sweetwater.com/help/shipping-delivery.php

Returns and Refunds Information

In order to return your item, the first thing you must do is contact the sales engineer to arrange a return authorization number. All items must be in the condition they were received in. The return address is:

RA # xxxxxx
5501 US Hwy 30 W
Fort Wayne, IN 46818

All further information can be found on the returns policy page, which can be found at the very bottom of the website page under ‘quick links’.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning

In addition to all the items on sale, you can also acquire yourself some music lessons through the site. There are also events to browse and consider, as well as a recording studio owned by Sweetwater which you can look into. You can also buy gift cards, contact the website for repairs, and view the deal zone.


All things considered, shopping online for a musical instrument can never be as good as the real thing. But, with Sweetwater, it gets as close as you can possibly get when it comes to buying a great new instrument. Furthermore, with so much equipment, knowledge and resources on this website, you know you have a quality seller you can trust.


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