TEFL.org.uk Review: Teaching English As Your Door To the World

It’s a fairly recent thing, but teaching English as a foreign language is an expanding phenomenon that English speakers from a range of countries are jumping on board with. The advantages are many, but the main lure to teaching TEFL is that you get to explore the world, or rather, work while you travel. Furthermore, often the only requirement you need is the English language and a can-do-it attitude – which makes a lot of us qualified without having to do anything. Of course, this isn’t the case all the time. Some employers will look for native English speakers with a degree in languages, or native English speakers who hold a TEFL qualification. Whatever the requirements are, TEFL is without a doubt something worth looking into if you are adventurous and you can understand this article.

Picture yourself having a job in a sunny climate, in which your only requirement is to speak to your pupils, or to teach them your language is the most fun ways possible. This is exactly why many thousands of people are doing TEFLĀ and are currently spending their wages in exotic climes, interesting cities, and other unexplored corners of the globe. The vast majority of these TEFL-ers have probably visited the following website – TEFL.org.uk. This website is based in the UK, but it draws in English speakers from a number of different countries. It is for many reasons one of the leading websites in TEFL recruitment and should be visited if you are in any way inclined to teaching TEFL. So, if you feel like you have the skills, the ambition, and the wanderlust to teach your native tongue, this website can certainly get you there.

TEFL.org.uk Review: Teaching English As Your Door To the World

The following review is a result of a complete examination of the TEFL.org.uk website from us at Filmbiz. All the information to help you get started is laid out below, and with some guidance and good spirit, you too could soon be jetting off to an interesting part of the world to teach, gain, and ultimately live.

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

It’s not mandatory, but getting yourself an account with this site will certainly help your chances of finding a TEFL job. By signing up, you will receive emails on current TEFL jobs. These alerts will mean you won’t waste any time, and that therefore nobody will snatch up that job before you do. Importantly, it’s also free to sign up to this site.

Can Anybody Use This Site?

Despite being based in the UK, anybody can use this site. As long as you have a great level of English and you are ready to go, this website is perfect for you.

Will Using This Site Cost Me Money?

Nope – this website is free to use. There is nothing to purchase on this site and as mentioned, signing up is also free.

How Can I Find A TEFL Job With This Site?

There are many ways which will lead you to the perfect TEFL job. The jobs finder feature on the homepage is the main way. Simply key in a particular country, region, job type, and the other options. You can also browse jobs by country, find internships, and lots more. When you have found a job which sounds appealing, this website won’t just give you the job. This is when you will have to put in your own private work. Contact the employer, send a CV, make a phone call – whatever you have to do, TEFL.org.uk simply finds the job for you.

How Likely Is It For Me To Find A Job Through This Site?

That all depends of course, but the vast majority of people who have used this site have found jobs and recommended it to others. This website is perhaps the leading website in TEFL job searches. There are however ways to help increase your chances of employment. One main way is through TEFL certification. To increase your chances of employment through a TEFL certificate, you must first complete a TEFL course. More information on TEFL certification is featured in the following paragraph.

What Is A TEFL Certificate and How Do I Get One?

Some employers may request a TEFL certificate. If you are TEFL certified, you will become more employable within this line of work. That’s not to say that you need one, however. The most common way is to do a TEFL course at a local university. These courses will cost you. This website can also help you find a course – use the course finder on the homepage. There are however programs out there which allow you to teach TEFL and earn your certificate at the same time. If this sounds good to you, try Spain.

Some Tips On TEFL (Or ESL)

If you are fairly new to TEFL, here are some tips. Many of the world’s TEFL jobs are in Asia, particularly in China. Furthermore, these jobs in Asia are often the best-paid jobs. (That’s not to say they certainly will be, for, of course, all job salaries vary). South Korea has a good market for TEFL, but it is, however, competitive, as the salary is one of the best and the South Korean education system is of a very high standard. As for Europe, Spain has most of the TEFL jobs at the moment. The Czech Republic is also good for TEFL work, but the salaries are not so high. Also note that summer camps are a brilliant thing to partake in and you will find many TEFL summer camps in a range of countries – France, Italy, Spain, Austria, and so on.


Teaching TEFL can well and truly be a life changing experience. Jobs vary from a full-time teacher to a one-to-one speaking counselor. The jobs are many and they vary, so ultimately all you need to do is find the right one for you, and where better than with TEFL.org.uk!

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