Treasury Direct: Treasury Securities Services For Finance Pros

There are many steps to take when it comes to business, particularly in the line of securities. Such steps are crucial and mandatory, and can therefore require serious, professional help. This help can be easily found online, and we at Filmbiz can help lead you in the right direction. If you own are a financier or a person who needs to redeem securities within the United States, the following information on the Treasury Direct website could be very beneficial. Treasury Direct ( provides legitimate services which allows you to purchase and redeem securities directly from the United States Department of the Treasury. These securities are given in paperless, electronic form, avoiding any unnecessary complications. As your business changes over time, you can rest assured that your online savings is in the right hands. All finances here are in the trusted hands of the American government.

Treasury Direct provide learned product info and in-depth research throughout the broad range of treasury securities. Some of these services include info and research on EE savings bonds and treasury notes. Additional services include things like treasury bills, bonds, notes, inflation-protected securities, and Series I and other savings bonds. Ultimately, Treasury Direct will provide a range of excellent services for financial pros and institutional investors. Such services are uniquely designed and perfect if you are currently managing big investments for clients, companies, institutions, government agencies, and more. Treasury Direct have all agencies and institutions covered on their website, with all services neatly sectioned and ready to be used.

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The Treasury Direct website is provided by the official United States Department of the Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Thus, all things offered here are legitimate. You needn’t worry about placing your trust in the wrong hands. The Treasury Direct website is ultimately put in place for individual, institutional and governmental users. For institutional users, you can view a range of data on securities auctions, auctions and also obtain information on treasury securities. As for government users, Treasury Direct provides users the opportunity to buy and manage SLGS, liquidate securities, and invest through the Federal Investments program. Of course, there are more in-depth services, which we will now unearth in the following review.

This post will hopefully outline all the services provided by this site. Here at Filmbiz, we have highlighted all the information you need to know about Treasury Direct, which will hopefully have you up and running in no time.

Treasury Direct: Treasury Securities Services For Finance Pros

Do I Have To Create An Account?

In order to access all of the services offered by the Treasury Direct website, you must open an account. You can do this by¬†viewing ‘account login’ and selecting ‘open an account’. You can then choose a type of application (personal, government etc). Then follow the three step process to successfully open your Treasury Direct account.


If you are interested in Treasury Direct for individual use, you have a range of services available. All of these services are listed in drop-down form. To list some of the services, you can read about the Treasury’s new retirement savings account, price your savings bonds, convert paper savings bonds, purchase securities with the website, and much more. On the left side of the page (titled ‘are you looking for’) you can view treasury bills and notes, TIPS, treasury bonds, FRNs, EE/E savings bonds, I savings bonds, HH/H savings bonds, and auctions. All of these headings will offer you a wealth of official information. All things considered, as an individual user, Treasury Direct will tell you everything about each service, all the while offering you the services to get you actively involved.

Financial Institutions

As for financial institutions, you can view an extensive board which displays all the recent auction results from the past while. Alternatively, you can view information for upcoming auctions. The information supplied is info such as bills, CMB, issue dates, high rates, investment rates, and more. Besides this, you can view savings bonds rates and access tools like research data, debt to the penny and more. On the left side of the page, you can access announcements, data and results, statues, regulations and guidelines, auction fundamentals, and more. In sum, this section for financial institutions has everything you need.


In regards to the government section, you can find an array of information on the following:

  • Participation in the FIP (Federal Investments Program).
  • The Trust Funds Management Program.
  • The management and buying of local and state governmental series (SLGS) securities.
  • The federal borrowings program for federal agencies.
  • The liquidation of securities by the executive agencies.
  • The debt for the United States.

You will also find an interactive graph demonstrating debt subject to limit, interest expense and average interest rate, and a summary debt schedule. Again, you can also view the left side of the page, which displays links to SLGS, trust funds programs, securities liquidations and proceeds, and much more.

Other Resources and Tools

In addition to all the services offered within the three separate sections (individual, institutional and government) there are other useful tools and resources. You can find some of these at the bottom of the homepage. These services include: a savings bonds calculator, saving bonds rates, informational videos, a help center, research data, and more. At the top of the homepage, you can find headings for news, a glossary, forms, mailing list, FAQs, and more. There is also a special announcements section on the homepage. Here, you will find important news updates on all things related to the US treasury.


So, if you need help with things regarding the United States Treasury, Treasury Direct have an incredible array of services and tools available. So, whether it’s for individual use, institutional use or governmental use, you can find a lot of help here. Give it a try today and view the incredible amount of information it offers. Information which is directly from the official source, meaning you have a trustworthy site at your fingertips.


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