TripAdvisor Review: Need Help and Info When Planning A Trip?

Wind the clocks back a century or two and you will find that not many people are planning their summer holidays. You will also discover that not many people have traveled to another country. A lot of us within the modern 21st century can often take our traveling privileges for granted. What was once a near impossibility is now a common occurrence, such as flying to Rome for a long weekend, or jetting off to Miami for the month of July. For those of us who love a good adventure, there is also a lot of planning that must go into any trip. This extensive planning can become stressful and can put pressure on your finances and others around you. Ultimately, if a journey isn’t planned well, it can potentially ruin your entire trip. All in all, a great, successful holiday or adventure begins with careful planning.

Again, as modern peoples with all the latest gadgets at our fingertips, the internet is a huge help when planning a trip. One website in particular which attracts many millions of travelers is TripAdvisor ( This website was founded 17 years ago, with the aim of providing wanderlust-stricken people with all the necessary information for destinations all over the world. Today, TripAdvisor is not just one of the most popular travel websites on the net, but one of the most popular websites on the net in general. Lots of people have used this website to seek out the best things to do in over thousands of cities over the world, as well as the best restaurants, best places to stay, and so on. With a little guidance from this website, you can begin building the experiences that you can then go on to achieve.

TripAdvisor Review: Need Help and Info When Planning A Trip?

So what makes this website so successful? Is it really worth using? We at Filmbiz are here to investigate the ins and outs of this website, and to relate back to you all the good and bad aspects (if any) regarding this website, as well as the important information you need to know when using it. So, if you are approaching an exciting adventure, allow us to introduce what could be the crucial helping hand behind the whole experience.

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Website?

One of the great things about this site and what probably attracts so many users is that all the information here is available without having to sign up. Without an account, you can find out lots of information on thousands of locations throughout the world. On the other hand, having an account can also provide some benefits. By signing up to TripAdvisor, which is free, you can receive notifications on holiday deals, tips, and new features on the website. Another major advantage of having an account with this website is the ability to write a review. With an account, you can post comments on places you’ve stayed, restaurants, locations, and so forth.

Will This Website Cost Me Any Money?

Another aspect which greatly works in this website’s favor is the free aspect. In short, signing up for this website is free and nothing else will cost you any money. All the information is provided for free, so you can visit and indulge yourself on all the tips and recommendations without spending a penny.

What Can This Website Tell Me?

TripAdvisor is one of the leading websites in travel information. Thousands of cities and millions of locations are featured on this website, so if you have anywhere in mind which you would like to travel to, it is almost certain that this website will hold some vital and useful information on it. First of all, search for a location. Each location has a unique page which lists all the best things about it. Here, you will find the top 10 locations, or the best things to do, as well as the best hotels, restaurants, a map displaying location, concerts, architecture, day trips, and much more. Each thing is reviewed and/or rated, so you can weigh up the positives and negatives before making a final decision.

Furthermore, if you have friends on social media who use TripAdvisor, you can view their comments and ratings on the locations, restaurants, hotels, and so on.

Can I Book Things With This Website?

Yes, you can. With TripAdvisor, you can book your hotels, day trips and tours, and many other things. The website will supply all the necessary information, such as the costs and the times. Thousands of official websites are linked to TripAdvisor, so you don’t have to worry about legitimacy when booking.

Are There Any Negative Aspects Regarding This Website?

Personally, there is nothing wrong with the website itself. You may come across negative remarks on some of the locations, but this is not a reflection on the TripAdvisor website. This website is used by millions of people for a reason. And this reason is founded within the class of information provided by the site. There is not much to argue with when reviewing this website, so my advice is to start using it right away if you have a trip in mind. (It’s free, so there’s nothing to lose!)

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

All information provided by this website is official information provided by the governments, company owners, official airlines, tour boards, and so on. TripAdvisor “checks 200+ websites for you”. So, you needn’t worry about legitimacy when using this website. You can also read the many forums to form a wider view on destinations. There is also a ‘best of 2017’ heading, which can give you some excellent ideas for trips.


As a frequent traveler myself, this website has also helped with some important planning. Many beautiful sights have been visited thanks to the recommendations provided by this site, and I will certainly be using it again in the near future.

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