Review: The World’s Leading Online Gaming Community

The astonishing growth of technology over the past few decades has gifted to us an amazing level of gaming. Games no longer look like the retro classics, such as Space Invaders or Tetris, that’s for sure. Gaming has now become much more advanced since it first encaptured the imagination of the world. From intense battlefields to hair-raising horrors situations, adrenaline pumping racing and sports, plus other realise games, we the modern people have it good whenever it comes to gaming. One thing that hasn’t changed however is the fact that we love gaming. If anything, our passion has only increased along with the increase in the level of gaming. Furthermore, these days we can enjoy not only gaming consoles but online gaming, which opens up even bigger worlds for gamers across our more limited world. The possibilities are endlessly expanding, and the gaming community is expanding with it.

If you are a gaming maniac, you won’t often find yourself alone online. One particular website which serves as a haven for gamers everywhere is Twitch ( If you are in any way inclined to serious gaming, we at Filmbiz would now like to introduce to you this amazing gaming site. If you haven’t heard of this site already, Twitch is immensely popular and accommodates millions of gamers in a vast online community. In fact, Twitch is within the top 50 most popular websites in the world, and currently the 21st most popular website in the United States. So, why does it attract so many people, and what it exactly does it do? The following review of the official Twitch website from us at Filmbiz will answer all that for you. Get ready to join the world’s leading online gaming community. Review: The World’s Leading Online Gaming Community

So what’s the website all about? Created back in 2011, Twitch (according to the official Alexa rankings) is the “world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts”. The statistics certainly help back this up, for around 10 million users visit this site to view and discuss video games with approximately 2 million online streamers. In a nutshell, with Twitch you can watch and talk about games with millions of like-minded people. Many gamers love to visit Twitch in order to watch the skilled players do their thing. It’s also a valuable site when in search of gaming tips and advice. There are many perks when using this site. That being said, let us now find out more about what the site has to offer. The following review should provide all the information you need to know. Happy gaming!

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

If you plan to upgrade at any point, you will need to become a member at some stage. (Information about upgrading is featured in the following paragraph). By signing up to the site, you have access to view all the games. Furthermore, if you would like to broadcast yourself through the site, you will also need to sign up. To sign up, you will find the Sign-Up option at the top of the page. It’s free to sign up and it should only take a minute or two of your time.

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Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

The site is free to use unless you choose to try Twitch Prime. This costs $8.99 a month (that’s £7.99 a month) and it’s completely optional. With Prime, you will receive ad-free viewing on Twitch, plus member discount on new release box games, bonuses within games, such as skins, characters and loot, plus some pretty sweet deals with Amazon Prime, such as access to thousands of movies and TV shows, a whole bunch of music, and quick 1/2 day delivery on many Amazon items. There are also more nice additions thrown in there, such as receiving a free copy of anticipated games on release day. Besides the Twitch Prime option, you can watch many games and games on this website for free.

On the other hand, there is also the Turbo option. The Turbo option is similar to Prime, and it will cost you the same amount of money per month. By upgrading to Turbo, you can enjoy ad-free viewing, a range of emotions, extended chat colors, and increased video storage which lasts up to 60 days. However, it seems that the Prime option has much more on offer (for the same price).

Can Anybody Use This Site?

Yes, they can. There are no country restrictions on this website. All you have to do in order to qualify for this site is to possess a fervent passion for gaming. With that, the site is all yours, no matter where you are from.

Does This Website Allow Me To Play Games Or Only Watch Them Being Played?

If you have come to this site hoping to play games provided by the site, you will be disappointed. Twitch is merely a platform on which you can either watch people playing, or likewise, have people watch you play. To broadcast your gaming, you will need an account. Once you have an account, enable your account for broadcasting through your dashboard. After this, all you need is a reliable computer and the correct hardware. For more information on how to broadcast yourself using this site, use the following URL:

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

In regards to the Prime option aforementioned, there is a 30 day free trial on offer. You will find this at the top of the homepage. You will also need an account before you start a free Prime trial or sign up for Prime. Besides this, you will find many popular games sectioned on the homepage. Featured games, top live channels, and top PS4 channels can be viewed from the homepage.


All things considered, Twitch really does offer everything that a serious gamer needs – except the actual games. This site is perfect for meeting gaming friends and picking up useful tips and hints, as well as just enjoying yourself.

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