Vistaprint: Professionally Market Yourself With Their Help

When it comes to setting yourself up for business, you need to be on the ball. All aspects of your appearance must be professional, attractive and altogether worth of respect. However, when starting from scratch, it can be a little more than difficult to do this. Many people are faced with the mammoth task of designing a company’s appearance. This means money, time and effort, of which a lot of people simply do not have. Luckily, there are many businesses out there whose business it is to help you. One such website whose “business is helping promote your” business is Vistaprint ( With Vistaprint, you can truly lift your business’s appearance off the ground and begin designing a personality through professional aid. Vistaprint have a lot to offer, all of which is geared towards presenting your business in the best possible ways.

The Vistaprint company started around 20 years ago when Robert Keane came up with the idea of helping small, independent businesses by giving them professional and printed products, which most established businesses had the power to flaunt. Thus, many smaller businesses began to take hold of these inexpensive services, reshaping themselves and growing, gaining success, and soon so did Robert Keane’s small online project. Today, Vistaprint serves thousands of businesses from all walks of the world with many great services. Such services as logo design and business card printing have allowed businesses to build a great image and therefore reap the benefits. Without such help, thousands of businesses and millions of people may¬†never have had the chance to expand. There are services for all areas of a business image, so if you and your business need a makeover, the following should be of some use to you.

Vistaprint has headquarters both in Europe and in the United States and is mainly based in The Netherlands. Today, this company is expanding its services as the customer number rises, and we at Filmbiz would now like to introduce you to the official Vistaprint website and its services. If you would like to start using it for yourself and your projects, the following information should have to up and running in no time.

Vistaprint: Professionally Market Yourself With Their Help

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

In order to purchase anything from Vistaprint you are going to need an account. Signing up to this website is completely free. You can either directly sign up by selecting ‘my account’ at the top of the page, or selecting and designing a product, attempting to purchase it, upon which you will then be prompted to sign up.

What Services Are On Offer?

Vistaprint is certainly no one-trick pony. There is a whole array of services on offer, all of which can help you get your business into shape. The categories of service are business cards, business services, calendars, checks, corporate gifts, clothing and bags, design services, and digital marketing. Each of these services has sub-services.

With business cards, you can design and print ultra thick, brilliant finish, standard and folded business cards and more. The business services include logo design, mailing lists, credit card processing and postage meters. With Calendars, you can design a range of different calendars suited for the office. As for corporate gifts, you can design things such as mugs, pens, mouse pads, USB drives, and more. With clothing and bags, you can design a business t-shirt, hats, hoodies, bags and other promotional products. Lastly, with digital marketing, Vistaprint can help design your website, market your website and your emails, and more. There is much more on offer, however, such as invitation cards and gifts, signs and posters, and stationery.

How Much Will It All Cost?

As mentioned, there is a ton of different services on offer. Therefore, there is likewise a wide range of prices. The good thing about this website is that the prices can be viewed on the website. There are no negotiations to be made through contacting the Vistaprint company. To provide an example of the prices, 100 business cards will cost you $16. There is, however, a whole range of options within the card services. Some card options are a lot cheaper, and some more expensive. A price estimator can be found on the page if you are unsure on how much it is all going to cost. Again, to reiterate, this is just one service of many, so get searching and find what price and product best suits you.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

The homepage is a great place to find special offers and products. You will find sections displaying items for 50% discount. You can also find featured categories and the offer for a free sample kit. Indeed, if you are still unsure about what Vistaprint can do for you, the free sample kit should solve this. As for returns and refunds, Vistaprint claims to stand behind their customers, offering 100% guaranteed satisfaction. If you would like to return an order or if there’s a problem with your order, contact the website and state the problem. Vistaprint will then do whatever they can to remedy the problem. You can contact the site by email, phone, or through customer care chat.

Shipping/Delivery Times and Information

No matter where you are or what corner of the earth you reside in, Vistaprint is on hand to ship to you. This company ships “to countries all over the world and adds new destinations regularly”. As for the delivery times, you have three options for delivery, all of which will take different speeds. Express delivery takes 3 business days, standard takes 5 business days, and the economy takes 8 business days. There is, however, an option¬†for expedited shipping. This applies to orders shipping to the United States that are placed before 6 pm.


All things considered, Vistaprint appears to have all the tools and services for any business of any nature or size. One of the great things is the customization of products that they offer, so give it a try and start remolding your company’s appearance with their excellent help.

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