Watch5S Review: Another Free Movies Site To Add To Your List

The internet is abounding in free stuff – granted, that you know where to look. One certain area that the internet is particularly generous in is free movies. The vast majority of us use free movie websites or have at one point used one. It’s also no secret that many of these websites have stepped outside of the law. This, in turn, has caused a lot of problems with users. With so many free movie streaming websites popping up and disappearing within quick succession, it can be both frustrating and near impossible to find a reliable website that will stand the test of time, all the while delivering top quality movies. There is also the problem that many such websites are malicious scams, packed full of viruses and dodgy lures designed to rob you blind. Whatever the case, free movie websites are often problematic.

This is what we at Filmbiz are here to solve. Everybody needs a go-to movie streaming website. There is a lot of mental pain in dragging oneself through the many dodgy imitations of free movie sites. Thus, we at Filmbiz are introducing Watch5S – a pretty standard free movies site which we think is quite up to par with some of the most popular movie streaming websites. Watch45S ( offers much the same as what you would expect a good free movies website to offer. It’s a little above standard and has a good selection of movies, all of which can be viewed with simplicity. All in all, if you need a free movie website ever at some point in the future, this website is worth adding to your list. That being said, please allow us now to introduce the website in its entirety.

Watch5S Review: Another Free Movies Site To Add To Your List

The following review is what we have managed to extract from the website. All the information here should have you watching in no time. If you would like to view more similar websites, please feel free to browse the rest of our site. Here at Filmbiz, we have many individual reviews on free movie websites, similar to Watch5S.

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

Not necessarily. Without an account, you are perfectly free to visit this site and watch what you want. The website does give you a sign-up option, but the advantages to signing up are not clear. When creating an account, the website claims that by signing up you can “use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting films”. However, what the full functions are, is not made clear. Furthermore, as a visitor, movies are there to be watched without any hindrance. All in all, don’t sign up until you have to. For now, with no account, all seems fine.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

This website is a free movie streaming website and remains true to this. At no point should any of the movies on this website cost you money? If you are ever prompted for a payment, please be careful. Free movie streaming websites often disguise sign ups and other ‘required’ processes (which involve payment) as genuine, whereas they are indeed scams.

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Is This Site Safe To Use?

Like most other free movie streaming websites, there are ads and pop-ups. Of course, they are irritating and to be avoided. But besides these annoyances, there are no major malicious hurdles to overcome. Avoid the ads and pop ups, don’t click any suspicious buttons, and don’t sign up to anything unless it’s free – follow these guidelines and you should be fine.

What Is the Selection Of Movies Like On This Site?

First of all, let’s calculate the total amount of movies on offer. There are 32 movies per page and a total number of 392 pages. This makes a grand total of around 12,500 movies on offer with Watch5S. The number is huge and more than most other movie streaming websites. You will find recent releases that everyone’s talking about, as well as movies from the dawn of cinema. There are also many search options available on this site. You can browse movies by the headings: genre, country, year, top rated on IMDb, A-Z list, and Cinema. There is also a request page. As for the cinema page, you will find all the movies currently in or fresh out of cinemas, thus making this site a great place to find new releases.

Are There More Than Just Movies On Offer?

There are indeed. With Watch5S you can also watch a range of TV series. There is also a huge amount on offer in the TV series section of this site. To calculate the total, there are 32 TV series titles per page and a total number of 148 pages, which makes a grand total of around 4,730 TV series on offer with Watch5S. Considering that each of these titles has numerous episodes within them, this means there are potentially millions of episodes on offer. There are also extensive filter options in the TV series section, just like in the movies section.

Can I Download the Videos From This Site?

This is a hazy area to figure out. There are download options displayed on the website. When watching a movie, you will see the buttons for downloading. However, these links lead to websites which are suspicious. Our advice is to not to try and download anything from this website. It is uncertain whether you really can or not, and the links are highly likely to be malicious.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

Watch5S claims to completely legal. This website hosts no files on its server and instead provides links or draws in movies from third party websites. In other words, all the movies featured on this site are linked to other sites, such as Putlocker, Movieshare, Daily Motion, and so forth.


And so there you have it – another free movie streaming website to keep in mind when in search of a movie online.

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