Review: A Look At This Free Movie Streaming Site

We are a modern civilisation which values movies and entertainment very highly, and with all the great gadgets and technology available to us, finding a movie has never been easier. With so many millions of movies in existence, it’s only natural that there are likewise an abundance of movie streaming websites online. This, however, isn’t necessarily always a good thing. We all know that there are many free movie streaming websites out there, this is true, but we are not so aware that many of them are rife with malicious activity. Unfortunately, many movie streaming sites are the hosts of scam artists and viruses. This is exactly what we at Filmbiz are trying to lure you away from. And so saying that, please allow us to now introduce another great free movie streaming website – WatchSeries. is at its basis a free movie streaming website, it couldn’t be more straight forward. However, it does differ in appearance and offer different features than a lot of other free movie streaming sites. This website has many positive attributes, all of which we at Filmbiz are here to investigate. Whilst maintaining a certain level of quality with its selection of videos, WatchSeries also makes an effort to stay within the law. As we know, many free movie streaming sites have brush ins with the law due to illegal copyright laws. This is why so many appear and disappear on a regular basis. However, with WatchSeries all the videos are sourced from third party websites. There are no actual videos on the website’s server. This (apparently) allows it to remain totally legal – a move employed by many movie streaming websites today. Review: A Look At This Free Movie Streaming Site

Just to note: here at Filmbiz, we have many reviews on free movie streaming websites. So, if you are ever in search of a reliable free movies website, give our site a quick browse and you will find many articles and reviews on websites similar to WatchSeries.

With that now being said, let’s get on with the review. The following information is what we have found after scanning he entire WatchSeries website. All the information you need to know is here, as well as some descriptions of the finest features (and the not-so-fine features, if any).

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

In order to watch a movie on this website, no account is required. You can visit and watch whatever you want, no problem. There is, however, an option to sign up to the site. But what this can do for you, or the advantages to signing up to this site, is not stated. It’s free to sign up and only takes a few seconds – but what you’re signing up for is unknown. Our advice is to continue using this site until you must sign up.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

Absolutely not. As a free movie streaming website, there is nothing here that will have you dipping into your bank. If this should ever occur (and we’re not saying that it will), please be cautious of a scam. Never should you have to pay for your movies here, and if it does happen, it’s time to change the site. For now, all is free.

What Is the Selection Of Movies Like On This Site?

The strange thing about this website is that when you click on the movies section it opens up a different website. This website is Godly, and we’re not sure of it is a partner website (which we assume it is). Nevertheless, here you can find a diverse range of movies, from recent releases to older classics. Popular movies that hit the cinemas and the headlines just the other week can be found here, as well as cult favorites, documentaries, and black and white golden oldies. To calculate the sum total of movies available, there are 24 movies per page here and a grand total of 547 pages, making a total of around 13,128 movies on offer. You can narrow your search by most popular, recently added, or through the ‘genre cloud’ at the bottom of the page.

Are There More Than Just Movies On Offer Here?

There are indeed. In fact, WatchSeries is actually dedicated more so to TV series (hence WatchSeries). On the homepage, there are more sections for TV series than movies. These include popular TV series, all TV series, and upcoming episodes. In regards to the ‘All TV Series’ page, you will find all the featured TV shows listed alphabetically. Each title has a year, a popularity score, a rating out of 10, and a total number of seasons. As for the quality, many of the best TV shows are found here, from Game Of Thrones to Breaking Bad, as well as older hits.

Can I Download the Movies Or TV Shows?

(For the movies, we need to return to the Vogler site). There are no options to download the movies. The same goes for the TV shows. This website is streaming only. If you do happen to spot a download button, don’t presume it is what you think it is. These links are often malicious decoys.

Are There Any Unique Features Worth Mentioning?

You can share the videos via social media. There is also a ‘My Shows’ section of the site, in which you can subscribe to shows and thus receive any important notifications.

What Are the Downsides To This Site (If Any)?

Like most free movie streaming websites, there are a lot of ads which can be very annoying. They can also be quite dangerous. WatchSeries does on the other hand openly apologize for this. They also state that a lot of pop-ups is because of the many linked websites/the third party websites that are providing the movies. With a bit of patience, however, this website is all that you need.


To give an overall opinion, this website is fantastic for both movies and TV series. It’s certainly worth keeping it in mind the next time you’re on the search for something to watch online.

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