ZOZI Review: Find and Book the Perfect Getaway Plus More

Jetting off on your summer holidays or getting away for a nice weekend, believe it or not, is a fairly recent thing in regards to the scope of history. We are a privileged lot, we the modern people, and many of us can sometimes take such 21st-century privileges and our traveling freedoms for granted. It once seemed unimaginable that any one person could go to Rome and return all within just a few days. Indeed, it was once impossible. But now, many of us enjoy a good escape. On the other hand, not all of us love planning for such an escape. Lots of thorough planning must be put into any adventure prior to any action. Furthermore, without such careful planning, your adventure may fall to pieces and become a few days filled with stress and problems, rather than excitement. A great trip always begins with and depends on some dutiful planning, whether we like it or not.

Planning doesn’t have to be such a task, and we have in many ways to thank the internet for this. With thousands of travel websites at our disposal, a trip can be planned in quick time. One such website which reels in many hopeful travelers is ZOZI (www.zozi.com). ZOZI offers many packaged deals on trips around the world. There are trips of all sorts on offer here. From culinary trips to general sightseeing and other cultural activities, this website has adventures that people from all walks can enjoy. However, there is another side to this website which will interest those working in the travel industry. ZOZI also provides online booking software for businesses. So, if you own a business related to tourism, ZOZI can help you advertise your trips and manage your bookings, as well as other things. (For more information on this, see our paragraphs below).

ZOZI Review: Find and Book the Perfect Getaway Plus More

So what attracts so many people to this website and is it really worth your time? Within this post delivered by us at Filmbiz, we have scanned all the aspects of this website, to relate back to you all the features on ZOZI, as well as all the important info you should know when browsing the site. That being said, if there is an exciting getaway on the horizon for you, let us now introduce to you what could become the very thing that could start it all.

Do I Need To Sign Up To This Site In Order To Use It?

Having an account with this site is not mandatory. You are free to browse and view all the exciting trips that they have to offer without signing up. However, signing up can do you some good. By creating an account, which is free, you can save trips on your bucket list, checkout much quicker and easier, and find friends who are also part of the ZOZI community. To sign up, first select the ‘sign in’ option which is found at the top of the page. Here you can create your account which should only take a minute or so.

What Exactly Can This Website Do For Me As A Traveller?

There are mainly two split sections on this website – activities, and getaways. Activities are more focused on North and South America. Whereas with getaways, you can find trips for the entire world, such as Nepal, Vietnam, Ecuador, and more.

In the ‘activities’ section, you will choose an activity based on a location, a category, a specific type of activity, a style of activity, or a social type. Locations include Boston, LA, New York, San Francisco, and more. Categories include sightseeing, in the city activities, food and drink activities, workshops, and more. As for top activities, you can choose the likes of walking tours, sightseeing tours, wine tasting tours, and more. Styles include learning, relaxing, active, and more. Finally, social category offers family, solo, group, friends or couples orientated activities.

Within the ‘Getaways’ section, choose between the United States or International trips. You can choose a specific region, a category (such as the river, jungle, mountain, and so on), a style (active, relaxed, rugged) or a social type (guided, private, or small group).

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Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

Signing up to the site is free, and browsing the site is also free. Nothing on this site should cost you any money unless you begin booking, which leads us onto our next paragraph.

Can I Book Things With This Site?

Yes, you can. If you find a trip or activity that interests you, you can begin booking right away. The website displays all prices and you can narrow your search according to price range. The trips are designed by the website themselves, which means accommodation, duration of stay and the itinerary is all handled by ZOZI.

What Can ZOZI Do For My Tourism Business?

Now here’s the other side of the site. ZOZI has its own software which helps you manage your bookings if you be a tourism related business. You can find this section by clicking ‘for business’ which can be found at the top of the homepage. The software, however, is not free. ZOZI for business costs $39 per month. With the software, you can manage your business on the go and accept bookings at any time. There is also a free trial available.

Are There Any Downsides Regarding This Site?

This website seems to be for mainly for Americans. Furthermore, the only downside we have discovered with this site is the restricted range of locations. Many of the activities and trips are based within the United States. International locations are not many, but this doesn’t mean that the trips offered within the few locations won’t be amazing. We are sure they are. Besides this, there is not much to argue with when using ZOZI.


All things considered, there are some amazing trips and activities offered by this website. A lot of effort has been put into said activities and trips and the website is very easy to use. Check it out and you could soon be experiencing the trip of a lifetime.

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